Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Momos calling

This picture left me a wee bit nostalgic for reasons more than one. The last time I was in that neighbourhood was many years ago as a school girl. It was in McLeod Ganj that I first stepped into a monastery. And (first) witnessed some playful boy monks taking their dip into a small pool, dragging each other into water and being the lil pranksters generally. It ensured that I carry a new image of monks in my head. Then here again was my first contact with Tibetan localites, selling their trinkets to these tourist hippies. With some Tibetan eateries thrown in here and there.

Strangely as I look back, I didn't get my first taste of momos in that most Tibetan of corners in India. With much reluctance I tried them at Infinitea (Bangalore)with a dear friend (and a momo loyalist). I stay hooked. Even as I continue to disapprove of Infinitea's shrinking portion sizes, so far they seem to be serving the crunchiest and juiciest momos I have ever bit into.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Quote tail # 1