Thursday, November 22, 2007

End of my Coffee Days

It's all thanks to Cafe Coffee Day(on MG Road) that I am a happy Barista convert today.

Until a year back, it was every day that I headed straight to Cafe Coffee Day (next to Bombay Store) after a hard day's work.

So what has changed? Apart from the service that sucked even in those days, ie. For starters, the capucinno got progressively worse. And their marketing brains got wiser.

Now, I rarely get full change back from them. It comes back with a promotional pack of mint (in lieu of change) and a barely audible mumbled apology. (Note to aforementioned marketing wise men at Coffee Day: I've my own lil strategy to combat that ;)

Then came their own branded packaged drinking water - inconveniently priced against the norm. Followed by the caveat that only medium sized capucinno will be served and no longer the regular size. Plus came the trauma of in-your-face hideously packaged merchandise occupying more real estate. Extracting the life time value of a customer in one single visit seems their motto now.

But there's one thing that they have managed to keep just right. The rich, luscious and gleefully sinful - Chocolate Fantasy. Very toothsome. So when I want to indulge my sweet tooth, I know exactly what to do. Get myself a take away!!

[Original pic by mondoagogo]