Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sad demise of Mumbai Masala Sandwich at Brio

For a regular like myself, a new printed menu card only brings bad news. Not only do I have to work harder in finding what I usually enjoy having, but I've to pay more too. For a portion size that has just begun to shrink.

But when Brio at HomeStop printed new menu cards this time, they did more than just touch up the prices. They even changed the recipe for their famous Mumbai Masala Sandwich. For worse. Leaving me with one less thing to order :(

Now when I'm there, I just feast on the hot chocolate. And the yummiest croissants that I 've tasted so far. Thank god for small mercies ;)

PS: Sadly both the tiramisu & teas are avoidable, so opt for coffee instead. You might find delight in the choice of coffee in the menu.

(Original pic by Spo0nman)