Tuesday, November 20, 2007

tea house

A coffee lover, I was initiated into tea by my best friend. And it started with some practical sessions at a place with the largest tea menu that I've come across in Bangalore yet. If you are a tea lover and have been in Bangalore, Infinitea on Cunningham Road hardly needs an introduction.

Being a regular there, I have tried and tested most of the menu and have come up with my own list of what to order when only the best will do. All the herbal teas are amazing; and are terrific value for money. But if you are ordering the chamomile tea pot, do ask for extra hot water especially if the carafe doesn't look full to you (chamomile tends to soak in a lot of water). Earl grey is another favourite that will never disappoint. And nothing like a plate of piping hot momos while you are at it.

Momos are the star sellers at Infinitea. Of course, if you are a regular visitor, you would notice that the prices are soaring and portion sizes are dipping. Probably, the owners are trying to palm off the cost of renovation to guests. Wouldn't have minded it as much if they would have paid some attention to the washroom as well.

If you like your tea very much, you can even buy authentic and exotic tea leaves and make some for yourself at home. And give the sandwiches a miss if you are a value for money type like me. Order a pasta salad instead.

If you end up there for a meal, Cubbon Fish is worth a try. There's choice for chicken lovers too. And to wash it down? Some green tea perhaps.

PS: In the picture you see my favorite two seater at Infinitea.

(Original pic by Premshree Pillai)