Monday, November 19, 2007

Cappuccino time

If you are strolling down MG Road in Bangalore and looking for a hot cup of coffee there are many choices you have. There's Cafe Coffee Day in front of Bombay Store, there's Java City on the parallelly situated Church Street, or the fashionably bohemian Koshy's up the road. Along with a smattering of more Cafe Coffee Days, Baristas and Coffee Worlds if you are prepared to walk down to Brigade Road.

But if you are looking for a quiet relaxing spot with a view and a delicious mug of coffee to go along with it, my pick would be Barista on MG Road in the Barton Centre Complex. And while you are at it, I would recommend a nice hot Apple Cake to go along with it. (Do insist that it's heated up; you'll get mixed results otherwise.)

PS: I really hope that you'll have the good sense to give Java City, Church Street, a miss. It positively serves the world's most horrible coffee and tea. But if you do land up there, don't miss the Chicken Corn Quiche - which more than makes up for everything.

[Original pic by Voxphoto]