Sunday, November 25, 2007


I do not know how accurate or inaccurate an account it is of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; but to me, the movie Amadeus made great viewing.

The film has stellar perfomances, ornamental sets, magnificent architecture, lavish costumes and ostentatiously fashionable wigs. But at it's core it's a tale of ageless conflict between the genius and mediocrity.

It's the story of Mozart as told by Antonio Salieri, his arch enemy. Salieri can hardly accept that a seemingly frivolous Mozart was chosen as the instrument of God for divine music instead of someone more deserving like himself. Mozart's middle name 'Amadeus' (meaning 'God's beloved') only seems to mock at Salieri, pushing him to declare a war between himself and God, with Mozart as their battlefield.

As someone who can more than see his inadequacy in Mozart's genius, Salieri rightly foresees that only pure genius is immortal. Anything less than genius is but inadequate.

Regardless of its historical or musical context, it's a story that is timeless and told impeccably well. For me, learning more about Mozart was a bonus. Plus, it made me reach out to my iPod and listen to his music finally.

[Original pic by roujo]