Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Idli-Dosa at Salem Kitchen

D drawer o The Letter S A

Salem Kitchen at the Forum Mall (Food Court), Bangalore is my first pick for a quick and no nonsense idli-sambar-dosa meal. I quite enjoy the way I can make a multi course meal out of it.

The starters range from a plate of idlis or a bowl of mini idlis and sometimes even the exotic paniyaram. For the main course I usually go with the crisp paper masala dosa or the set dosa. But you can also choose from onion dosa, rava dosa and many uthapams - all of which are excellent.

On the days you might want to abstain from idli dosa, you can make a happy meal out of their ghee rice (only if you are not the calorie counting types) or their multi layered malabari parathas with chicken or mutton curry.

The last time I tried the biryanis, it didn't leave me running for more. Salem Kitchen also serves a range of sea food that I have yet to feast my taste buds on. Until then, nothing like their idli-sambhar-dosa meal to make me shell out auto fare to the other end of the town.

[Original pic by kastner]