Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Aaja Nachle (2007)

Touted as Madhuri Dixit's comeback film, Aaja Nachle from Yash Raj films stops at being just that.

The story begins with Ajanta - a dance school in the town of Shamli that's soon to be demolished to make way for the new retailing phenomenon that we call the shopping mall. But Dia (Madhuri Dixit), an NRI with roots in Ajanta, decides to revive it to its original glory with the promise of a decisive performance that will make the Shamli junta root for their culture (aka Ajanta) instead of consumerism. So begins her trial to eke out a sell-out performance from a crew comprising of initially-reluctant locals.

Aaja Nachle starts with a promise that never takes off. Even the long list of dependable actors who pop up regularly during the entire length of the film fail to make a connect at any level. And that is thanks mostly to over-the-top sentimentalism resulting from a half-baked script.

Borrowed heavily from Chocolat, the film is not even half as appetising. They, no doubt, have got hold of the recipe. But as any reader of recipe books will attest, good food is much more than a few ingredients thrown in.

[Original pic by Simone Merli]