Monday, December 31, 2007

The missing non-veg buffet: a Desmond's speciality

Desmond's on Lavelle Road, Bangalore, serves a mean buffet. All you can buffets - both, veg or non-veg - for an extremely affordable Rs.100. Having had the buffet on many an occasion before, I can attest that it is great value for money.

But, unfortunately that isn't quite the end of the story. The last few times I have been there I was categorically told that the non-veg buffet will take time to be ready and instead have had a veg buffet foisted upon me. In fact, the last time the waiter was at great pains to make the non-veg buffet seem perpetually elusive - it would take an undisclosed amount of time to be prepared.

What might seem a harmless irresponsibility at first actually turns out to be an elaborate scam. By marking up the prices on the veg buffet to match that of a non-veg buffet - and then making excuses not to serve the latter, Desmond's could actually be making a neat profit. And fools of all its customers.

A glance at the bill - and the hidden costs that crop up in it - should convince that the establishment in question is indeed capable of such a ruse. A mysterious item on the bill is marked as 'S C' only. Enquiry reveals it stands for 'service charges' - but there are gullible customers who will be leaving a handsome tip, even after paying the 'S C.'

Do drop by at Desmond's if the veg buffet is all you want. But if you or your lunch companion is looking forward to a non-veg buffet, I suggest you call up beforehand to politely enquire 'if their chicken supplier has had an accident this morning.' Their numbers are +91-80-41278000/1.

[Original pic by Bob.Fornal]